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Related post: Raven 44 AS REQUIRED young model photos If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, then please teenie model board do the right thing... (Whatever that may be...) young models cum This story is copyrighted, 2010. To me the author and it is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission. If you have any desire to get in contact with me for comments, directions to a good Beta, pictures, or music relating to the story, or for permission to use my story (for lord only knows what...) You may contact me at my email address: cailenauthoryahoo.com I also love reviews, both the good and the bad. So please feel free to send tiny models erotic your thoughts along, I will be more than happy to answer any questions about the story or writing or anything else that you might have. So I hope to hear from you. Chapter 44: Almost Perfect We spent that evening decorating the tree and Ian helped. It was a strange feeling watching Ian sexy cam model help us with family events that really made me feel like he had really become part of the family and it warmed my heart. The next couple of days were a blur as we got ready for finals. Tim's finals modelle escort were going to be brutal, but I think in the end it would be pissing young models worth it. I had learned more in this past semester than I had ever before and had really pushed myself beyond anything I had gothic teen model ever tried before. gay models gallery We woke up for our small model toplist last day of school and Ian was wrapped in my arms. "Turn over" young model latina I heard him say and I did Ian wrapped me in his arms and I closed my eyes and my hottest teen models magic model girls pics coursed through me and I felt safe and protected "I love you" I heard him say and I snuggled in closer to him "I love you more" I muttered model trains forums I turned back around and looked into his startling light blue eyes models denudes latinas glamour model portfolios "When I look at you it is like I am looking at a part of myself that had been missing for a long time, and when I am away it feels like I go maria cristina model back to who I was before I met you." I said child models list Ian pulled me in for a gentle kiss and then free preeteen model looked me over teen soccer models "I couldn't possibly agree with you more" Ian said "I promise, you'll never be alone again" I truly hoped in gay models movies that moment he was indian female models right We got ready for school and luckily my dad decided to give us a ride because I am pretty sure we missed the bus. We got into homeroom and we sat down at our usual desks. "This is where it all began" I said looking at Ian "This is where I first met you" Ian smiled back at me "And I you" he said I talked with Mr. Blackwell little mouse models as the final morning announcements of the semester were playing and Ian and I went off to English for our final. It was grueling... Five hours later I emerged from the English room and made my way into the library to relax when I spotted Jackson at one of the tables. I walked over to him and sat down. "Raven" he said acknowledging me "How were your finals?" I asked He smiled a crooked smirk model illegal at me little chrissy model "Dreadful" "Mine too" I said with a sigh "Are you ready?" he asked me and I realized he was talking about opening the gate. I was nervous "You're scared" he said "you shouldn't be" little nude model he forum child model said "Easy for you to say" I said teeny models nude "It is" he agreed "but Ada guides us and she would not bring you to harm" he said I had serious doubts and he was trying to get me to believe in an all powerful deity that I didn't think existed. "So what should I expect?" sexy model clothes I said "you vlad models torrents know girl nonude models when we go open this gate thing?" Jay smiled ls models fruits "Well the gate is sealed with magic, you and I will stand on either side of the door and with our magic push the door open into the room." he said "the room inside holds the gate which holds the magic that is keeping the door closed." "Okay" I said not really understanding yo bikini models "You'll be fine" he nadja model teen said "I hope so" I said looking up and seeing Ian walking towards us "I'd like to stick around..." I trailed off "Hey guys" Ian said sitting down next to me "we're done; wanna call your dad so we can head back?" Ian modelky asked "That's okay I'll petit models russian growth curve models give you guys a ride" Jay said and I prteteen best models was going to protest but porn supermodel Ian interrupted me "Perfect!" he said and I frowned I was still uncomfortable being around both my boyfriend and extreme teen models my ex at the same time. My concerns were unwarranted as Jay seemed to be a perfect host and drove us in silence. He didn't even comment how I chose to sit in the back with Ian. We pulled into my driveway bethany terry model "Well here you go surfer boy models guys" Jay said and I got out of the car "Thanks Jay" I said "I'll see you tomorrow" he said nude tanned models with a wink and I frowned "Jay today was the last day of school before vacation, why would you be seeing me tomorrow?" I asked and it suddenly dawned on me. "We're having a party" I said out hairy men models loud "Jackson, it's supposed to be a surprise" Ian said giving his own frown to match mine "He's surprised" Jay said pulling out of the driveway and down the road "A party?" I asked Ian who was shouldering his backpack russian photo models "Yea, a whole bunch of people are invited, I helped your mom make the list" Ian said as we walked inside the house "We're not having a party" I said mumbling ukrainian video models The last birthday party I had even attempted was when I was in middle school and nobody had shown up. It scarred me for life. appraisal models I looked at Ian who had a determined look in his face little model mediafire "You need to do this" he said "No" I said "Yes" he said and he wrapped me in his arms and kissed me tenderly He was young modelsorg right, and I really hate undrage nude models it when you're having an argument and you reach a point when teeny models whores you realize you're wrong. This was that point. "Fine" I sigh "we can have a party" small titts model "Good, you mind if I give you an early birthday present?" he asked with a wink "Sure" I said "Well it requires us to be a bit more... you know" he winked "naked" child modeling toplist The light bulb went off in m head and he took my hand and we went upstairs to my room. Ian shut the door behind us and he placed his hands on my hips and leaned in and kissed me and I let his tongue slide into my mouth as his hands snaked around me and pulled my shirt up. My hands we fondling the front of his pants and my hands snaked around behind him and got a firm hold of his wonderful behind. Our kissing intensified and he pulled my shirt right off and I pulled his up and our bare chests connected. Skin on skin I felt his shoulders and his muscles flex and his hands rubbed themselves down my back. He leaned down to my neck and reached my special spot in my neck and sucked. Instantly my hands clutched his back tight and my knees weakened and we fell onto the bed, tiny model girl Ian still attached he fell on top of me. He started grinding his hips into mine and I pushed back against his "Dustin" he breathed into my neck "I love you" cp girl model I wanted him kid little model We broke apart "Dustin, I want you to take me" he said and I was shocked "What?" I asked child model csm ls dreams models "I want you to take me" he said taking off his pants he revealed his rock hard erection and I would probably agree to anything he asked of me. preten models sites "Okay I said and he pulled my belt off and pulled my jeans down revealing my own erection. "Ian are you sure?" I asked ilegal teen model teen shoe models "I've never been surer about anything in my whole life" he said and I swallowed hard nude home models "Alright" I said pre underwear models Ian lay down onto his back and took one of my pillows and propped it underneath him. I grabbed some hand lotion and took my position between his legs ebony female model "If you want me to stop I will" I said "just tell me" I said and Ian nodded I rubbed my fingers with a liberal amount of lotion and put my hand down to his puckering hole. He tensed up when I first put my fingers there "Cold" he said and I smiled I rubbed the lotion around the hole and then I put my first finger inside pushing itself in slowly and I watched his face contort with different emotions houston model nude "I'm fine, keep going" he said I pushed my finger all the way in to the hilt and I watched as all the muscles in his abdomen flex and tense and at that moment I young modelsgirls had to say it was the hottest thing I had ever seen. My big muscled jock squirming to my whims blackberry phone model "Good?" I asked "It feels good" he said "put another in" he said and I smiled "Your wish is my command" I said I put another finger inside and I felt his warmth spread around my digit and I pushed in and I could feel his sphincter muscles stretch to accept it. I worked him with the two fingers before I couldn't take it anymore I then pulled my hand out and with the same lotion-ed hand I lubed myself up and pushing my whole body forward I pulled his legs further back. "Here it comes" I said and Ian simply nodded I pushed against index of childmodels his hole and my cock slid inside of him and it was the hottest and warmest thing I had ever felt. It felt like heat and I slowly worked down my shaft until I was all the way inside. supermodels porn "Hold still for a moment" Ian said and I nodded teen model newsgroup Girls thong modeling "Okay" he said and I slowly retracted and pushed back inside. I watched as every muscle in his body flexed and tensed. But the look on his face was one of total ecstasy. "I feel you" he said with a smile "harder" he commanded jessimodel topless I began to thrust and I watched as this beautiful creature beneath me flexed and moaned in pleasure. gallery child models "I feel you Dustin, all of you, your love, kindness..." he mumbled and I was beginning to get close, I could feel the pressure building up inside me. "Take me Dustin" he said girl nn models teen panties models pretty models portal "I will" I said and I thrust into him even harder "Oh god!" he shouted and I felt something inside him tense I looked down and watched in amazement as his cock began to squirt volley after volley of cum onto his chest and I felt his muscles begin to flex inward and it was the most amazing feel I had ever felt. It was japenese child models as if he was trying to milk me. 2007 bikini models Suddenly I felt something inside me growing; it wasn't a chill like I always associated with my magic. It was pure and intense and it felt like it was going to burst out of me. Whatever it was it was magical and it was strong. Watching him cum and feeling his body do that to me threw me over the edge and I shot my own load deep young oby model inside him and I cried out in pleasure. I leaned ass model phat down and Ian pushed himself up and I kissed him while still inside. "You're mine" I said latin teeb models clothing model profiles "Always" he replied with a smile and I felt my magic suddenly come alive and wrap itself in nozomi nude model that feeling I was having and teen pixie models I felt a chill spread through me as the magic suddenly burst adult uniform models out of me and into Ian. It was a good thing he had his eyes closed because the magic had manifested itself as light as it surged into him. His eyes opened wide for a moment as if he felt it, but then he returned to normal. I pulled out and I watched as ixtractor tiny models his Anus flexed open and closed and I saw a small drizzle of cum come out. "Let's go get clean" I model girls archive said and we got off the bed and headed into the bathroom. We showered together kissing tenderly and my love of Ian grew tremendously and we dried off and climbed back adultmodelsmessageboards into bed clean, but naked. We got under the covers and cuddled next to each other. "Do you want to do me?" I aleka teen model asked "Tomorrow" he said "special birthday treat" he said "How was I?" I asked "you know... how did I do?" "You really have to ask?" he asked me and I was suddenly feeling very self conscious pretten models angels "You were absolutely amazing, it was incredible and bikini model demensions I can't wait models bianca to do it again" he said and I smiled shape teen models "Good cause it was good for me too" I said and he leaned in and kissed me "I am yours" he said "You are" child models tpg I agreed "We got a big day tomorrow so I hope you are ready" he said and I nodded "Let's get dressed and go get something to eat" he said getting out of the bed a little model and I watched him walked across the room naked and I watched his butt flex and bend as dolly supermodel preeteen he picked his pants off the floor and he put them on. He was so hot. christina rodgers model "Coming?" he asked me "or are you just teen model jacqueline enjoying the view?" he asked with a smile "Stay undressed and I will be coming" I said "Promises, promises" he teased I got out of bed and got dressed with Ian. Before I opened the door he best ship models stopped me and he kissed me on the lips "Remember Dustin, I will always love you" he said and I smiled "I know" I said and we headed downstairs to face the rest of models 12yo the day. Thanks for ReadingReviews, comments, and questions are always welcome at cailenauthoryahoo.com Cailen
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